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Republican Platform Recognizes Nuclear Energy's Environmental Benefits

WASHINGTON—The Republican National Convention today voted on its national platform, which recognizes nuclear energy, along with hydro power, as America's leading sources of clean electricity. The platform language states: "The current administration has turned its back on the two sources that produce virtually all the nation's emission-free power: nuclear and hydro, the sources for nearly 30 percent of the country's electricity. Because of cumbersome federal relicensing of hydro and nuclear operations, we face the prospect of increasing emissions and dirtier air." The following is a statement by John Kane, vice president of governmental affairs at the Nuclear Energy Institute, in response to the platform language.

"The Nuclear Energy Institute applauds the Republican Party for recognizing the environmental benefits of nuclear energy and hydro power and their role in a diverse national mix of clean electricity sources.

"Electricity demand is expected to grow by 50 to 75 percent in the next decade. Nuclear energy today meets 20 percent of America's electricity needs and is the only readily expandable, large-scale electricity source that protects our air quality while meeting the demands of our growing, high-tech economy.

"A sound national energy policy should chart a course toward maximizing the use of technologies that have proved that they can provide clean, reliable and competitively priced electricity that improves our environment and powers our economic growth. Given the industry's record-high levels of safety and performance, nuclear energy passes these tests with flying colors."


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