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Nuclear Energy Institute
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 15, 2004
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Secretary Abraham Provided Tremendous Leadership on Energy Issues, NEI Says

WASHINGTON—The Nuclear Energy Institute’s president and chief executive officer, Joe F. Colvin, made the following statement about U.S. Secretary of Energy Spencer Abraham, whose resignation was announced earlier today.

“Spencer Abraham has served the nation in an outstanding manner as Secretary of Energy. More than any energy secretary in recent administrations, he has both recognized and advocated the need for nuclear energy to hold a prominent place on the energy and national security agenda.

“His legacy will be one of vision, leadership and service to the nation in advancing energy policies and programs that recognize the vital role of nuclear power as part of a diverse portfolio that enhances energy security, economic growth and our nation’s environmental well-being.
“He has played an invaluable role in shaping the Department of Energy’s Nuclear Power 2010 initiative to bring the first of a new series of nuclear power plants on-line by the end of the decade. Also, he demonstrated exemplary leadership in recommending – after 20 years of scientific study – that Yucca Mountain, Nevada, be the host site for a state-of-the-art disposal facility for used fuel from commercial nuclear power plants and high-level radioactive waste from U.S. defense programs.”


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