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Sen. Domenici's Nuclear Energy Legislation Is Bold Stroke for Secure U.S. Energy Future

WASHINGTON—U.S. Sen. Pete Domenici (R-N.M.) today introduced landmark federal legislation designed to ensure that nuclear energy continues to contribute to the supply of electricity in the United States. The Nuclear Energy Institute’s president and chief executive officer, Joe F. Colvin, made the following statement in response to Domenici’s introduction of the Nuclear Energy Electricity Assurance Act of 2001.

The nuclear energy industry commends Senator Domenici for his leadership in supporting an electricity technology that is vital to our nation’s hopes of enjoying a strong, secure energy future. Nuclear energy is the United States’ leading emission-free source of electricity, and is the only expandable, large-scale electricity source that does not emit air pollutants and can meet the baseload energy demands of a growing, modern economy.

“As cosponsors of this visionary legislation, Senators Larry Craig, Mike Crapo, Bob Graham, Chuck Hagel, Jon Kyl, Mary Landrieu, Blanche Lincoln, Frank Murkowski and Fred Thompson also deserve recognition. Their bipartisan support for nuclear energy’s inclusion in a diverse energy portfolio serves our country in good stead.

“Senator Domenici’s legislation provides concrete steps to set our nation on a sound energy course for decades to come. Notably, the legislation has a large scope—from improving the efficiency of existing power plants, to an early site permit demonstration program to help achieve new power plant construction at three sites, to denoting nuclear power as an ‘environmentally preferable’ product for federal purchasing programs. All are solid, common-sense proposals.

“Energy is a real-world, every day need for each and every American. Individual consumers, small businesses and major industrial customers alike depend on a ready, reliable supply of affordable electricity. As recent events in California have shown, millions of jobs and our nation’s economic well-being are put at risk when the electricity supplies that the digital economy demands are not available.

“Senator Domenici recognizes the nation’s long-term need for nuclear power in a diverse portfolio of energy sources. The comprehensive legislation that he has introduced today is a bold stroke to assure a strong role for nuclear energy in our nation’s electricity infrastructure, and the industry calls upon other members of the Senate to support it.”


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