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Video Highlights Exelon's Award Winning Nuclear Industry Global Innovation

WASHINGTON, D.C.—The continuous development of cutting-edge technology and innovation by industry professionals has helped the nuclear energy industry become the most reliable carbon-free source of electricity. With industry efficiency at about 90 percent throughout this decade, nuclear energy facilities have generated record-high amounts of electricity in six of the past 10 years.

To increase public awareness of these innovations and their importance, the Nuclear Energy Institute has produced a series of video news releases that examine innovations that have been recognized with a Top Industry Practice award. This is the second in a series of four videos that will be posted on the Nuclear Energy Institute’s website on a weekly basis.

The second video, “Global Ties Boost Nuclear Plant Performance,” highlights an international exchange of best practices by Exelon Nuclear. The third, “The Secret Is Plastic,” examines new piping applications; and the fourth, “Robotic Inspectors,” looks at a new robotic technique to remotely inspect a key power plant component. Released on July 7, the first video, “High Tech Stress Relief,” looked at the challenge of microscopic stress corrosion cracking in plant systems.

Exelon Nuclear won a Vision & Leadership Top Industry Practice Award for its international technical exchange program and industry group leadership. In its international technical exchange program, Exelon Nuclear has partnered in technical exchange with three of the largest international electric utilities: Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power Co., Tokyo Electric Power Co., and Electricité de France. Together, the four companies operate nearly one-quarter of the nuclear energy plants worldwide. All four have benefitted from sharing plant operating experience, best practices, lessons learned, equipment reliability, risk management, and predictive and preventative maintenance practices.

Exelon Nuclear stays abreast of emerging technologies and developments that can improve safety and performance and also works collaboratively with industry counterparts to solve technical issues. Exelon Nuclear has more than 100 primary and secondary advisors that perform leadership and support roles in organizations including the Nuclear Energy Institute, Electric Power Research Institute, Institute of Nuclear Power Operators and reactor owners groups.

To download “Global Ties Boost Nuclear Plant Performance,” go to: The news release describing the all of the award-winning TIP entries is available at:

Annually, the nuclear energy industry recognizes the very best innovations through its Top Industry Practice awards.

One hundred and four nuclear power plants operating in 31 states supply one-fifth of the nation’s electricity, even though they constitute only 10 percent of installed electric generating capacity.


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