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White House Strategy Rightly Recognizes Nuclear Power’s Essential Role in Energy Mix

WASHINGTON—President George W. Bush today announced a national energy strategy that includes recommendations designed to assure that the United States can continue to rely on nuclear energy in its portfolio of electricity sources. The following comments on the Administration’s energy plan are from Joe F. Colvin, president and chief executive officer of the Nuclear Energy Institute:

“This is an important long-term energy strategy for American families and their futures. People need reliable, affordable electricity that doesn’t pollute the air. Nuclear energy fills that bill perfectly, so it’s encouraging to hear the Administration voice its support for nuclear energy as part of a necessarily diverse mix of electricity sources.

“The White House rightly has recognized that nuclear energy plays an essential role in helping our nation achieve its economic and environmental goals. The Administration’s support for nuclear power as a proven energy technology that protects our air quality is a tremendously positive development for our nation. Among other things, it sends an important message to Wall Street and to young people considering careers in the engineering field that national policy at the highest level envisions continuing and even greater reliance on nuclear power as part of our long-term energy strategy.

“The recommendations that Vice President Cheney has made with regard to nuclear energy—for example, extension of the time-tested Price-Anderson Act, clarification of the licensing process, and a commitment to let science guide President Bush’s pending decision concerning a repository for disposal of used nuclear fuel—individually and collectively can provide greater certainty for power producers as they consider new nuclear power plant construction.

“Most importantly, we applaud the President’s leadership in recognizing that nuclear power is an indispensable component of our energy mix, that it will be around for a very long time, and that we need more of it in the future. The industry looks forward to working with the White House and Congress to make this long-term vision a reality.”


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