11/9/1999 Nuclear Energy Institute Responds To EIA's Annual Energy Outlook 2000
11/9/1999 Program completed ‘to assure the safe, reliable delivery of electricity’ All U.S. Nuclear Power Plants
11/8/1999 Program completed ‘to assure the safe, reliable delivery of electricity’ to All U.S. Nuclear Power Plants
10/26/1999 ‘America can rely on nuclear energy...’ Nuclear Power Plant Safety Systems Y2K Ready, Industry Tells
10/7/1999 U.S. Nuclear Energy Industry Has Initiated Review To Learn and Apply Lessons from Accident in Japan
8/3/1999 Nuclear Industry Is Well Positioned To Generate Electricity Safely, Reliably When New Year Arrives
7/21/1999 Nuclear Energy Industry Backs Legislation to Sharpen Regulatory Safety Focus
7/7/1999 Nuclear Energy Industry Closes In on Year 2000 Readiness; Fewer Than 60 Non-Safety Computer Items Left
6/22/1999 June 23 Media Briefing in Chicago. Nuclear Energy Industry To Report on Progress Toward Y2K Readines
6/22/1999 June 24 Media Briefing in Los Angeles
6/16/1999 Bipartisan Nuclear Waste Management Measure Moves Toward Senate Floor Action
5/20/1999 Nuclear Energy Institute Re-Elects Nye Chairman, Adds Four New Members to Board of Directors
5/20/1999 World’s Need for Nuclear Technology Makes Success Imperative, Industry Executives Told
5/20/1999 Patrick McDonald Recieves Top Nuclear Energy Industry Award for Leadership in Development of Advanced Licensing Process
5/20/1999 Two National Nuclear Technology Organizations Bestow Statesman Honor on Joseph Farley
5/20/1999 Entergy Operations, TXU Electric Share ‘Top Industry Practice’ Award for New Programs at Nuclear Plants
4/21/1999 Nuclear Waste Reform Bill Advances Through 40-6 Bipartisan Action By House Commerce Committee
4/15/1999 Administration’s Electricity Restructuring Bill Good First Step, But More Changes to Atomic Energy Act
4/2/1999 Com Ed’s Rowe Elected to NEI’s Executive Committee
3/24/1999 Without Nuclear Waste Management Reform in Congress, Federal Government Faces Multi-Billion Dollar Liability
3/19/1999 Twenty Years After Three Mile Island Nuclear Energy Industry Reaches New Levels of Safety, Reliability
3/15/1999 Nuclear Energy Industry Hails Introduction of Nuclear Waste Policy Act in US Senate
2/25/1999 DOE Proposal To Take Title of Used Nuclear Fuel Would Create 72 Federal Nuclear Waste Storage Sites
2/10/1999 All Nuclear Power Plants Meet NRC Deadline for Security Enhancements
2/4/1999 Congress Should Continue Oversight of NRC146's Move Toward New Regulatory Process
2/2/1999 DOE Proposes FY2000 Budget of $17.8 Billion, Nuclear Programs Budgeted for $269.3 Million
1/27/1999 Economics 101, Real-World Events Belie Public Citizen’s Claims About Nuclear Energy's Competitiveness
1/11/1999 US Nuclear Power Plants on Track to Meet Year 2000 Computer Challenge
1/7/1999 New Environmental Legislation Directs Government To Meet Its Obligation to Manage Used Nuclear Fuel