12/20/2001 $36 Million Appropriation for NRC to Analyze Nuclear Plant Security Pleases Industry
12/6/2001 Democrats’ Energy Bill Rightly Recognizes Essential Role of Nuclear Energy
11/29/2001 Nuclear Energy Institute Opposes Security Bill Proposed by Sens. Reid, Clinton, Lieberman
10/22/2001 Environmental, Energy Imperatives Underscore Society’s Need for Nuclear Energy, NEI CEO Says
10/3/2001 Nuclear Energy Institute Urges Favorable DOE Recommendation on Yucca Mountain
8/21/2001 Energy Department Scientific Report Supports Nuclear Fuel Repository at Yucca Mountain
8/2/2001 House Energy Legislation Recognizes Nuclear Power's Key Role in Diverse U.S. Energy Mix
7/23/2001 NEI Astonished by Bonn Negotiators’ Exclusion of Nuclear Energy from Emissions Reduction Deal
7/19/2001 NEI Disappointed With Senate Vote To Cut Funding for Yucca Mountain Project
7/17/2001 Industry Leaders Urge Governments Worldwide To Use Nuclear Electricity to Curb Greenhouse Gases
7/12/2001 Nuclear Industry Tells Senate Panel of Need for Partnership Program on Early Site Permits
7/12/2001 Energy for Life Blood Drive 2001 Collects More Than 5,000 Units
7/10/2001 Senate Hearing on Climate Change Focuses On Need for Emission-Free Nuclear Energy
6/27/2001 Industry Outlines Federal Policies Needed to Support Nuclear Power Plant Construction
6/14/2001 Industry Foresees Continued Bipartisan Support In Congress for Nuclear Energy Legislation
6/6/2001 EPA Groundwater Radiation Standard for Yucca Mountain Provides No Added Health Benefit
5/23/2001 Corbin McNeill Wins Leadership Award from National Nuclear Technology Organizations
5/23/2001 Nuclear Energy Institute Re-Elects Poindexter Chairman, Adds Two Members to Board of Directors
5/22/2001 Sen. James Inhofe Receives Top Nuclear Energy Industry Award for Leadership
5/22/2001 Vice President Cheney Describes Nuclear Power as 'Very Important Part' of Energy Policy
5/22/2001 STP Nuclear Team Wins 'Top Industry Practice' Award for Safety, Efficiency Improvements
5/21/2001 Vice President Cheney to Speak at Nuclear Energy Assembly at 11:15 a.m. Tuesday in D.C.
5/18/2001 Nuclear Energy Industry Executives Convene In Washington on Heels of Energy Policy Rollout
5/17/2001 White House Strategy Rightly Recognizes Nuclear Power’s Essential Role in Energy Mix
5/8/2001 Nuclear Energy Industry’s Strong Safety Performance Clears Way for Regulatory Reform
5/4/2001 Energy Department Science Report Supports Yucca Mountain Site Suitability for Repository
5/2/2001 Alliance for Energy & Economic Growth Calls for Comprehensive National Energy Policy
5/2/2001 Reps. Graham, Stenholm Introduce Nuclear Legislation to Secure America's Energy Future
3/21/2001 Nuclear Energy Industry Calls on Congress to End EPA-NRC Regulatory Impasse
3/19/2001 Nuclear Power Essential to U.S. Energy Security, Environment, NEI's Colvin Tells Energy Summit
3/13/2001 Nuclear Energy Industry Maintained High Safety Levels in Record Production Year
3/7/2001 Sen. Domenici's Nuclear Energy Legislation Is Bold Stroke for Secure U.S. Energy Future
2/26/2001 Energy Policy Bill Rightly Recognizes Nation's Need for Nuclear Energy
2/2/2001 NEI Briefs Wall Street on Nuclear Energy’s Increasing Value in Today’s Electricity Markets
2/2/2001 New Senate Bill Invests in University Nuclear Science and Engineering Programs
1/23/2001 Nuclear Energy Industry Recommends Indefinite Renewal of Price-Anderson Act by Congress
1/22/2001 NEI Congratulates Abraham on His Confirmation as Energy Secretary
1/9/2001 Nuclear Energy Surpasses Coal-Fired Plants as Leader in Low-Cost Electricity Production
1/2/2001 Nuclear Energy Industry Responds to President-elect Bush’s Selection of Spencer Abraham as Energy Secretary