12/23/2002 Analysis of Nuclear Power Plants Shows Aircraft Crash Would Not Breach Structures Housing Reactor Fuel
12/12/2002 Nuclear Industry Commends Meserve As ‘Capable, Effective’ NRC Chairman
10/21/2002 Nuclear Power Plant Security Praised By Coordinators of Terrorism Simulation
10/14/2002 U.S. Electric Utilities Receive Peace Award At International Disarmament Forum
9/10/2002 Nuclear Power Plants Increase Security Readiness in Response to Orange Threat Level
9/4/2002 Nuclear - Energy For Sustainable Development:: Press Statement From the Nuclear Trade Associations
7/25/2002 NEI Believes Nuclear Security Act Approved by Senate Panel Needs Additional Enhancements
7/23/2002 NEI Hails President’s OK of Yucca Mountain, Denounces Sen. Reid’s Cut of FY ’03 Funding
7/9/2002 Nuclear Energy Industry Salutes Senate For Approving Yucca Mountain
6/11/2002 Used Nuclear Fuel Is Not a Radiation Source That Can Be Used for ‘Dirty Bomb’
6/5/2002 NEI Applauds Energy Panel Vote Sending Yucca Mountain Suitability Decision to Senate Floor
5/16/2002 Nuclear Industry Welcomes Decision to Restart Browns Ferry 1 as Part of Strategic Growth Plan
5/8/2002 Bipartisan House of Representatives Vote Reaffirms Yucca Mountain Repository Site
5/3/2002 Employees at Nuclear Management Co. Win 'Top Industry Practice' Award
5/3/2002 Nuclear Plants Should Participate in Carbon Credit Program, Industry Executives Say
5/2/2002 Nuclear Energy Institute Re-Elects Poindexter Chairman, Adds Two Members to Executive Committee
5/2/2002 Nuclear Energy Industry Taking Steps To Fulfill Vision of New Plant Construction
4/26/2002 NEI Applauds Senate Passage of Energy Bill
4/25/2002 NEI Applauds House Energy and Commerce Committee Vote on Yucca Mountain
4/18/2002 Nuclear Energy Industry Calls On Congress to Approve Yucca Mountain for Repository
4/11/2002 Nuclear Energy Industry Achieves High Safety Levels in Another Record Production Year
4/10/2002 Governors Urge Congressional Leaders To Follow Expedited Process on Yucca Mountain Resolution
4/8/2002 With Nevada's Objection Filed, Nuclear Energy Industry Urges Congress to OK Yucca Mountain
3/7/2002 NEI Applauds Senate Approval of Amendment To Renew Price-Anderson Act
3/5/2002 Nuclear Energy Industry Welcomes DOE Initiative to Support Plant Construction by 2010
2/26/2002 NRC Issues Requirements To Sustain Heightened Security at Nuclear Plants
2/15/2002 President Bush OKs Recommendation of Yucca Mountain as Disposal Site for Nuclear Material
2/15/2002 DOE Recommends Yucca Mountain to the President For Underground Disposal of Used Nuclear Fuel
2/14/2002 NEI Applauds President Bush's Recognition Of Nuclear Energy as Clean-Air Electricity Source
2/13/2002 Nuclear Fuel Shipments Are a Tiny Fraction of Hazardous Materials Shipments That Occur Daily
2/12/2002 Industry, NRC Take Steps For Long Term Security Measures at Nuclear Power Plants
2/1/2002 Nuclear Power Plants Set Reliability, Output Records in 2001, Industry Tells Wall Street
1/24/2002 NWTRB: No Scientific Factor Identified That Eliminates Yucca Mountain as Repository Site
1/10/2002 DOE's Yucca Mountain Project Provides Energy and National Security Benefits
1/8/2002 High-Caliber Security Forces Negate Need to Federalize Nuclear Plant Defenders, Report Shows
1/7/2002 2001 Record Year for Nuclear Energy