12/22/2011 Nuclear Energy Institute Congratulates Westinghouse on Approval of AP1000 Design
12/16/2011 Industry Welcomes Nuclear Energy Funding in Final Spending Bill
12/12/2011 Effective Regulation of Nuclear Energy Important for Public Confidence in NRC
11/11/2011 INPO Compiles Timeline of Fukushima Events After Japan Earthquake/Tsunami
11/3/2011 Arizona Uranium Mining Continuation Protects Environment and Promotes Energy Security
10/14/2011 NEI Applauds Legislative Proposal to Allow Uranium Mining of High Grade US Reserves
10/3/2011 Americans Support for Nuclear Energy Holds at Majority Level 6 Months After Japan Accident
9/22/2011 US Nuclear Energy Industry Cites Successful Safety Model of Stringent National Regulation
9/15/2011 NEI Hails Carnegie Led Initiative for Export Code of Conduct Among International Vendors
9/7/2011 Senate Appropriations Panel Advances Bill Addressing Used Nuclear Fuel Management
8/28/2011 Impact of Hurricane Irene on US Nuclear Energy Facilities
8/26/2011 Nuclear Energy Facilities Prepared for Hurricane Irene
8/23/2011 US Nuclear Energy Industry Intensifies Efforts to Solidify Readiness for Extreme Events
8/23/2011 Nuclear Energy Institute Comments on Today's Virginia Centered Earthquake
8/18/2011 Nuclear Energy Industry Files Comments on EPAs Proposed Rule on Cooling Water Systems
7/29/2011 NEI Comments on Draft Recommendations From Blue Ribbon Commision on Americas Nuclear Future
7/26/2011 NEI Briefs Wall Street Analysts on Nuclear Energy Sectors Post-Fukushima Outlook
7/22/2011 Reliable Nuclear Energy Facilities Stabilize Electric Grid During Eastern Heat Wave
7/20/2011 Nuclear Industry Welcomes Introduction of Legislation to Allow Term Continuity on NRC
7/15/2011 Nuclear Energy Industry Welcomes House Approval of Fiscal 2012 Spending Measure
7/14/2011 NEI Commends Senate Energy Committee for Spurring Development of Small Reactors
7/14/2011 Small Reactor Partnership Will Help Achieve US Energy Environmental Goals NEI Testifies
7/13/2011 Nuclear Energy Industry Comments on 90 Day Report From NRC's Fukushima Task Force
7/5/2011 Industry Welcomes Senate Bill to Establish Centralized Storage for Used Nuclear Fuel
7/1/2011 Nuclear Energy Industry Commends Ostendorff on Approval to Second NRC Term
7/1/2011 NEI Unveils Website Focusing on Safety at US Reactors, Recovery Work at Fukushima
6/27/2011 Eight of 10 Residents Near US Nuclear Power Plants Favor Use of Nuclear Energy
6/21/2011 Nuclear Energy Institute Criticizes Shoddy AP Reporting on US Nuclear Power Plant Safety
6/21/2011 Nuclear Industry Sees No Basis for Obama Administration's Land Withdrawal Decision
6/9/2011 US Nuclear Industry Unveils New Structure to Integrate Response to Fukushima Accident
6/1/2011 Nuclear Energy Institute Supports Legislation to Prevent Gaps in NRC Commissioner Service
5/13/2011 Bipartisan Energy Legislation Includes Provisions to Expand Use of Nuclear Energy
5/13/2011 NEI Welcomes Altmire Legislation to Spur Development of Innovative Small Reactors
5/11/2011 TVA Employees Win Top Innovation Award for Improving Nuclear Fuel Safety Efficiency
5/11/2011 Nuclear Industry Site Reviews Will Facilitate Response to NRC Severe Event Bulletin
5/11/2011 NEI Elects Progress Energy's Johnson; Energy Future Holdings Young as Board Leaders
5/10/2011 Lessons Learned From Japan Will Guide Nuclear Energy Industry Safety Improvements
4/21/2011 US Nuclear Energy Industry Operated at High Levels of Safety in 2010 WANO Results Show
4/18/2011 Nuclear Industry Commends Commissioner Ostendorff on Nomination to Second NRC Term
4/15/2011 Nuclear Industry Applauds Senates Approval of Peter Lyons as DOE Assistant Secretary
4/14/2011 House Should Reject Exports Bill That Would Limit US Influence Abroad
4/12/2011 Nuclear Energy Insdustry Applauds Senate Panels Ok of Lyons Nomination for DOE Slot
3/30/2011 US Nuclear Industry Will Learn Lessons From Fukushima Industry Executive Testifies
3/30/2011 Nuclear Plant Licensing Process Should Be Informed by NRC Safety Reviews Not Halted
3/28/2011 EPA Rule on Power Plant Cooling Retrofits Must Be Flexible Nuclear Industry Believes
3/17/2011 NEI Shares Obama Call to Incorporate Safety Lessons From Japan Accident
3/9/2011 NEI Electric Utilities File Suit for Suspension of Fee Collected for Reactor Fuel Management
3/9/2011 NEI Welcomes Senators Legislation to Advance Development of Small Reactors
2/23/2011 Nuclear Energy Enjoys 70 Percent Support Among Americans New Polling Shows
2/17/2011 Public Opinion Survey Shows Overwhelming Support for Clean Energy Loan Guarantees
2/14/2011 NEI Supports Budget Requests, Higher Loan Guarantee Volume Opposes Renewed D&D Levy
2/10/2011 NEI Elects Peterson Senior Vice President for Communications
2/10/2011 NEI Tells Wall Street Analysts of Reliable 2010 Performance New Reactor Progress in Three States
2/2/2011 Minnesota Senate Passes Repeal of State Moratorium on Nuclear Plant Construction
1/26/2011 NEI Reacts to President Obama's State of the Union Remarks on Clean Energy