12/13/2013 HR 3766: A Risk to National Security, US Jobs
12/12/2013 DOE Shows Commitment to Small Reactors With NuScale Award
11/27/2013 Nuclear Industry Recommends Improvements to DOE Exports, Safeguard Policy
11/19/2013 NEI Hails Nuclear Waste Fund Fee Decision
11/13/2013 Small Reactors ‘Hold Great Potential’ for US
11/8/2013 Seabrook Station’s Economic Impact Tops $500 Million/Yr.
10/23/2013 NEI Earns LEED Gold Certification
10/10/2013 Industry Lauds US-Vietnam Nuclear Agreement
10/10/2013 Safety Remains High at Nuclear Facilities
10/2/2013 More Americans Want New Entity to Manage Used Nuclear Fuel
9/25/2013 US Public Sees Vital Role for Nuclear Energy
9/19/2013 NEI Welcomes Bills Clarifying NRC Commissioner Roles
9/18/2013 NEI Praises House Vote on ROK 123
9/13/2013 Fukushima Tours Cap Visit By US Nuclear Officers
9/13/2013 Early Take on NRC’s Waste Confidence Package Is Positive
9/10/2013 House Panel Right to Press NRC on Yucca Reports
8/29/2013 NEI Adds New Board Members
8/27/2013 Vermont Yankee Closing Shows Market Flaws
8/16/2013 Nuclear Energy Facilities Widely Acknowledged as Secure Electricity Providers
8/13/2013 NEI and NWSC Laud Court Ruling Mandating NRC Review of Yucca Repository
8/5/2013 NEI’s Robust New Website Goes Live
8/1/2013 Industry Hails NARUC Opposition to D&D Tax
7/30/2013 NEI Likes Much of Used Fuel Bill
7/17/2013 Heat Wave Shows Value of Nuclear Energy Facilities
7/17/2013 Senate Approves Hochberg to Second Term at Ex-Im Bank
7/11/2013 Nuclear Industry Sees CSIS Report as Important Guide to Energy Policy Decisions
7/8/2013 Nuclear Plant Neighbors Strongly Support Consolidated Storage of Used Nuclear Fuel
6/28/2013 Macfarlane Approved by Senate for Full Term
6/27/2013 Nuclear Fuel Management Legislation Introduced
6/26/2013 House Approps OKs Fiscal 2014 Spending Bill
6/25/2013 Nuclear Energy Helps Achieve Climate Goals
5/16/2013 Nuclear Energy Industry Congratulates Moniz On Confirmation as Secretary of Energy
5/15/2013 Constellation Employees Win Top Nuclear Industry Award for Equipment Replacement Innovation
5/14/2013 Joe Colvin Receives Nuclear Energy Industry Leadership Award
5/14/2013 Nuclear Energy Industry Confident It Is Well Positioned to Expand as Economy Rebounds
5/13/2013 NEI Re-Elects Young, Crane as Leaders of Board of Directors
5/3/2013 Nuclear Energy Industry Commends Florida Legislature Cost Recovery Vote
5/2/2013 Nuclear Energy Industry Hails Florida Court Decision Upholding Cost Recovery Statute
4/25/2013 Nuclear Industry Sees Legislative Proposal on Used Nuclear Fuel as Good First Step
4/11/2013 US Nuclear Energy Facilities Achieved Strong Safety Performance in 2012, WANO Data Shows
4/10/2013 NEI Comments on Federal Budget Request for Fiscal 2014
3/22/2013 NEI Comments on Renomination of Macfarlane to the NRC
3/19/2013 NEI Comments on NRC Decision to Commence Rulemaking on Containment Filtering Strategies
3/15/2013 Nuclear Energy Industry Sees Mixed Bag in Senate Budget Resolution for Fiscal 2014
3/4/2013 Nuclear Sector Sees Moniz as Sensible Choice for Energy Secretary
2/19/2013 New Poll Shows Americans’ Support for Nuclear Energy, New Facilities Remains Solid
2/14/2013 Nuclear Energy Value Proposition Remains Solid NEI Tells Wall Street Analysts
2/13/2013 Years of Work Have Nuclear Industry Well Protected Against Potential Cyber Threats
2/12/2013 Nuclear Energy Institute Comments on President Obama's State of Union Address
2/1/2013 Nuclear Energy Institute Comments on Tenure of Energy Secretary Steven Chu
1/28/2013 Nuclear Energy Institute Posts Online Congressional Resource Guide
1/10/2013 Stakeholders React to DOE Used Fuel Management and Disposal Strategy
1/8/2013 NEI Video Explains Flex Strategy to Respond to Extreme Events