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NEI is active in communicating the benefits of nuclear energy across all conceivable media, with specialists appearing on television, radio and across the internet. NEI's video and audio databases contain this and a range of other material describing nuclear energy subjects.

Advertising is an important part of communicating the nuclear message and NEI is present across the full spectrum of media.

Additionally, NEI produces different types of graphics-based material that provide useful snapshots of important statistical data and attractively designed infographics that compress a lot of information into an easy to understand form. Most of this material can be downloaded for use, with permission, in company and personal projects.


Clips from NEI and its members.


The history, progress and industry of nuclear energy in pictures. Visit our Flickr page for photos.


Audio database includes media briefings, NEI radio ads and more.


An up-to-date, easy-to-understand and graphically attractive set of informational graphics that you can download, print out and use in your own projects.

Charts & Graphs

Information about nuclear energy in graphical formats for use in your projects.


In 2014, NEI is pursuing a Future of Energy advertising campaign focusing on nuclear energy as a clean source of electricity that provides jobs, contributes to a more secure energy future and enhances energy diversity.