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Summer 2012

Insight Summer 2012 innovationInnovation Enhances Safety and Reliability At America’s Nuclear Energy Facilities

Innovation occurs continually throughout the nuclear energy industry. The growing demand for electricity drives innovation in everything from advanced reactors to high-efficiency nuclear fuels and cutting-edge technologies that improve safety and efficiency.

Nuclear Energy Insight

Disposal Site Stimulates Economy in Texas Community

In the late ‘80s, Andrews County wanted something to make the town more financially stable - they didn’t want to blow away and become ghost towns. So, they started looking at other options. One was landfills, particularly radioactive landfills.

Two of the Blue Ribbon Commission’s recommendations have caught the attention of Congress: a call for one or more consolidated storage facilities to store fuel taken from nuclear energy sites and a drive to engage communities in the process of siting both consolidated storage sites and permanent repositories.
Germany and Japan already pay higher costs for energy, and, in Japan’s case, there is a possibility of disruption in electric service and a grinding halt to economic growth. What happens when nuclear reactors are switched off?
Richard Meserve and Aris Candris received the nuclear energy industry’s top honors: Meserve, the William S. Lee Award for Leadership and Candris the Henry DeWolf Smyth Nuclear Statesman Award.
Obama, Romney Support Nuclear Energy, Offer Views on Financing Regulation

Unlike some issues that polarize presidential candidates, the broad energy positions of President Barack Obama and challenger Mitt Romney are strikingly similar. It’s the finer brush strokes of policy that reveal differences.

One-on-One With Southern Nuclear Operating Co.'s Steve Kuczynski

Kuczynski talks about cost overruns at Plant Vogtle – there aren’t any. In the most recent construction monitor filing with the Georgia Public Service Commission, Georgia Power notes that the project was in fact $28 million under budget.