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A New Focus on Energy Education Centers Old and New

Offering the public opportunities to learn about energy, and more specifically nuclear energy, has become increasingly difficult for companies nationwide.  Decreasing budgets and increased security requirements have forced some companies to shutter their energy education centers and limit public access to plants.

Help Wanted 25,000 Skilled Workers

The nuclear energy industry will have to replace more than 25,000 workers by 2015, a fact that is driving industry partnerships with educational institutions.

The Oconee Nuclear Station in Seneca, S.C., has won several awards recently for technical innovations.
Revealing the Green Side of Nuclear Energy
All nuclear power plants have rigorous programs for monitoring the environment. This article highlights these programs and the people who manage them.
The Valley, the River and the Reactors

TVA has a portfolio of fossil, hydro and renewable energy facilities, but it is putting renewed emphasis on low-carbon, reliable nuclear power.