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Insight: September 2010

New York, EPA Heat Up Cooling Tower Debate

undefinedMore cooling towers may be popping up at coal and nuclear power plants in New York state, where the Department of Environmental Conservation is considering a policy that would establish closed-cycle cooling as “the best technology available” for industrial facilities that discharge heat.

Nuclear Energy Insight

Fed Corp Bill New Approach to Used Fuel Issues

Fed Corp corrects funding and management continuity issues that have mired the federal used nuclear fuel and high-level radioactive waste management program for decades, resulting in delays and missed deadlines.

Nuclear Energy: The Antidote to Energy Sprawl

Which energy generator uses the least space to produce the most electricity? According to a new study to appear this fall, the answer is nuclear energy.

One-on-One With Constellation's Maria Korsnick

Constellation Energy Nuclear Group’s Maria Korsnick is the first woman to hold the job of chief nuclear officer in the United States.