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Creating American Jobs

The nuclear energy industry supports 100,000 high-paying American jobs in a wide range of fields, including engineering and skilled trades.


Jobs in the Nuclear Energy Industry

Skilled Trades Engineering & Professions Technicians & Radiologists
Carpenters Accountants Chemists
Electricians Chemical engineers Mechanics

Operators of heavy equipment

Civil engineers Radiation protection specialists
Masons Health physicists Reactor operators
Pipefitters Lawyers  
Sheet metal workers Mechanical engineers  
Welders Nuclear engineers  

Due to ongoing expansion, the nuclear energy industry is a job-creating engine. The industry is hiring thousands of well-paid workers to build new reactors—and up to 700 permanent staff to operate each site for the long term.  Due to expected retirements, the industry plans to hire as many as 20,000 highly skilled workers by 2018 to operate and maintain existing reactors.

The nuclear energy industry builds its workforce by hiring new employees from universities, community colleges, the military and labor organizations.

Exporting commercial nuclear technology also creates jobs for Americans. Worldwide, 71 reactors are under construction and 160 reactors are on order or planned. The demand for high-quality commodities, components and services provides an export opportunity for U.S. manufacturers, who provide $14 billion worth of components or services each year.