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Economic Benefits

Nuclear energy facilities strengthen state and local economies through jobs, taxes, and direct and secondary spending.

On average, a nuclear energy facility generates $470 million in sales of goods and services in the local community and nearly $40 million in total labor income annually. Each year, it pays about $67 million in federal taxes and almost $16 million in state and local taxes—crucial revenue that benefits schools and other infrastructure and programs.


Construction of a nuclear energy facility provides a substantial boost to suppliers of concrete, steel and other commodities as well as to manufacturers of hundreds of components. For example, each new reactor requires approximately 400,000 cubic yards of concrete—as much concrete as needed to build the Pentagon—and enough electric wiring to stretch from Boston to Philadelphia.




To learn more, see Nuclear Energy's Economic Benefits - Current and Future.

The Nuclear Energy Institute has published a series of reports that provide a closer look at the economic benefit of individual nuclear energy facilities and some companies’ entire nuclear energy system.