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Resolutions & Endorsements

State and federal-elected officials frequently write resolutions and endorsements for nuclear energy. Recent documents from elected officials can be found here.

A resolution from Hispanic-elected local officials supporting nuclear energy as a valuable part of the U.S. energy portfolio and a source of development for minority-owned businesses.

The nation is experiencing a nuclear energy skilled worker shortage. A significant number of the incumbent workforce is, or will become, eligible for retirement. The U.S. nuclear industry and the U.S. Navy have entered into a nonbinding Agreement of Understanding to ensure nuclear Navy talent is available to fill nuclear career opportunities in the United States. This is the list of signatories to the agreement.

The National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners adopted a resolution supporting limited interim storage of used nuclear fuel, and advocating Yucca Mountain as a storage site.

This report of June 2011, "The Future of Nuclear Energy: Shaping a Western Policy," from the Western Governors' Association, recognizes the important of nuclear energy as a source of reliable, clean electricity, and that small reactors can be a cost-effective energy source in places where large nuclear plants may not be feasible.

The National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners adopted this resolution opposing a new tax for the Decommissioning and Decontamination (D&D) Fund.  NARUC supports environmental cleanup of defense-related uranium enrichment sites, but resolved that U.S. electric utilities and their customers should not be singled out yet again to pay for D&D of DOE facilities devoted to nuclear weapons and national defense programs.