12/23/1998 In 1999, Rejuvenated Nuclear Energy Industry Will Seek Federal Reforms Necessitated by Electric Utilities
12/18/1998 Yucca Mountain Viability Assessment Increases Confidence That Government Can Develop Used Fuel Repository
12/16/1998 NEI Appeals National Advertising Division Ruling
11/19/1998 Purchase of Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station Marks Continued Investment in Technology’s Future
11/4/1998 A Reporter’s Guide to Nuclear Energy and the Buenos Aires Conference on Global Climate Change
10/16/1998 Industry Executive to Discuss Necessity of Nuclear Energy Toward Meeting Clean Air, Climate Change Initiatives
10/7/1998 The 25th Anniversary of The 1973 Oil Embargo: Key Facts on the Nuclear Power-Energy Independence Con
9/15/1998 NEI Hails New International Report That Cites Need for Strong Nuclear Power Role
9/11/1998 NRC Approval of New Westinghouse Nuclear Plant Design Solidifies US Leadership in World Markets
9/2/1998 Approval of Texas-Maine-Vermont Low-Level Waste Bill Will Help Continue Benefits of Nuclear Technology
7/31/1998 Nuclear Energy Industry Responds to Senate Confirmation of Bill Richardson as New Secretary of Energy
7/30/1998 Nuclear Energy Industry Leaders Tell Congress That Outdated NRC Regulatory Process Diverts Resources
7/17/1998 Sale of Three Mile Island Reactor New Evidence That Nuclear Energy Is a Valuable Commodity
7/6/1998 Duke Power's Decision to Extend Electricity Production at Oconee Nuclear Station Good News for Consumers
6/30/1998 Nuclear Energy Institute Calls for NRC to Overhaul Its Enforcement Policy
6/18/1998 Nuclear Energy Industry Responds to Clinton’s Selection of Bill Richardson as Energy Secretary
6/11/1998 Nuclear Energy’s Clean Air Benefits Gain Added Recognition Among Delegates at UN Global Warming Talks
6/8/1998 GAO Finds White House Climate Change Proposal Incomplete; Policymakers/Observers Urge Administration
6/3/1998 Industry Outraged That Partisan Agenda Overrides Reform of Nuclear Waste Disposal Policy
6/2/1998 Electric Utilities Reject Secretary Pena’s Offer for DOE’s Failure to Move Used Nuclear Fuel
5/19/1998 Industry Unveils Strategic Direction for the Future of Nuclear Energy
5/19/1998 DOE Announcement Promises Real Momentum for US Plutonium Disposition Effort
5/15/1998 Nuclear Energy Is ‘Key Administration Response’ to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emmissions
5/15/1998 Nuclear Energy Institute Elects Nye Chairman, Adds New Member to Board of Directors
5/14/1998 Zack Pate Recieves Top Industry Leadership Award
5/14/1998 Entergy Operations Wins Second Consecutive ‘Top Industry Practice’ Award for New Cleaning System
4/21/1998 Nuclear Energy Institute Bemoans Interminable Licensing Process in Louisiana Energy Case
4/6/1998 Energy Secretary Federico Pena Announces Resignation
3/27/1998 Senator Nunn to Assess US Nuclear Leadership March 30 in Savannah
3/25/1998 Nuclear Energy Institute Criticizes Administration for Absence of Effective Domestic Energy Policy
3/19/1998 National Energy Strategy Should Outline Specific Steps in Support of Nuclear Energy Option
3/11/1998 New Report Warns of Threat From Delays In Destroying Surplus Weapons Plutonium
3/5/1998 BGE License Renewal Announcement Bodes Well for Nation's Energy Future
2/19/1998 Utilities Seek Court Order Requiring Energy Department To Dispose of Used Nuclear Fuel ‘Immediately’
2/3/1998 Marvin S. Fertel Elected Senior Vice President at the Nuclear Energy Institute
2/2/1998 Energy Department’s FY99 Budget Request Recognizes Nuclear Energy’s Value as Carbon-Free Electricity
1/30/1998 DOE to Breach 16-Year Legal Obligation to Manage Used Nuclear Fuel