11/22/2004 Omnibus Spending Bill Features $577 Million for Yucca Mtn., $50 Million for New Nuclear Plants
11/18/2004 Nuclear Energy Institute Commends the House for Approving Energy Bill
11/15/2004 Secretary Abraham Provided Tremendous Leadership on Energy Issues, NEI Says
11/14/2004 NEI Applauds House-Senate Conference Report on National Energy Policy Legislation
11/4/2004 NEI Endorses DOE/Industry Partnership Exploring Licensing of New Nuclear Plants
11/3/2004 Next Presidential Administration Needs Nuclear Power for a Coherent Energy Policy
10/28/2004 All Nuclear Power Plants Meet NRC Deadline for Security Enhancements
10/20/2004 Exelon’s Chairman & CEO John Rowe Appointed to Nuclear Energy Institute Board of Directors
10/19/2004 Newly Formed Nuclear Coordinating Council Discusses Security With Federal Agencies
9/20/2004 Independent Economic Study Confirms Future Competitiveness of New Nuclear Power Plants
9/14/2004 Nuclear Power Plants Are Most Secure Industrial Facilities in US, NEI Tells Congress
9/8/2004 Nuclear Power Is Vital to Global Sustainable Energy Strategy, NEI Tells World Energy Congress
8/25/2004 Naval Reactors Director Bowman Named President-Elect at Nuclear Energy Institute
8/23/2004 NEI Files Petition for Appellate Court Rehearing on EPA’s Yucca Mountain Radiation Standard
8/10/2004 Nuclear Energy Institute Calls Exelon-DOJ Used Fuel Settlement ‘Hugely Significant’
7/26/2004 Nuclear Energy Institute Elects The Shaw Group’s Richard F. Gill to Board of Directors
7/9/2004 US Court of Appeals Rejects Constitutional Challenge to Yucca Mountain Repository
6/24/2004 NEI Commends House Energy and Commerce Committee for Approving Yucca Mountain Funding Fix
6/16/2004 NEI Endorses Yucca Mountain Funding Fix Approved by House Energy Subcommittee
6/16/2004 Nuclear Energy Industry Sustains Near-Record Levels of Safety, Operating Performance
6/9/2004 Nuclear Energy Institute Selects Contractor for Adversary Team in Security Exercises
5/27/2004 Nuclear Energy Industry Embarks on Fifth Annual Blood Drive
5/26/2004 NEI Produces Grant Application Handbook for Emergency Management Agency Coordinators
5/20/2004 Stability in NRC’s Role as Regulator Is Crucial to Nuclear Power Plant Success, NEI Testifies
5/14/2004 South Texas Project Employees Recognized as Nuclear Industry's 'Best of the Best'
5/13/2004 Industry Leaders Urged to Resolve ‘Imperatives’ on Path to New Orders of Nuclear Power Plants
5/13/2004 Nuclear Energy Has ‘Big Role to Play’ in Advancing Freedom, Secretary Evans Says
5/13/2004 Progress Energy’s William Cavanaugh Receives Nuclear Energy Industry’s Top Leadership Award
5/12/2004 NEI Elects Southern Nuclear’s George Hairston Chairman, Progress Energy’s Robert McGehee Vice Chairman
4/29/2004 US Nuclear Power Plants Meet Deadline for Submitting Revised Security Plans to NRC
4/20/2004 Indian Point’s Economic Impact on New York Economy Tops $800 Million, Study Shows
4/15/2004 EPA’s Pronouncement That ‘Air Is Getting Cleaner’ Shows Impact of Nuclear Power Plants
4/8/2004 NEI Commends Reps. Wynn and Shimkus for Introducing Hydrogen Production Bill
3/25/2004 Nuclear Energy Industry Calls for Nuclear Waste Fund Reclassification
3/4/2004 Nuclear Industry Leader Urges Congress To Stimulate Investment in Energy Infrastructure
2/26/2004 New House Bill Invests Millions in University Nuclear Science and Engineering Programs
2/6/2004 U.S. Nuclear Power Plants Post Another High Performing Year, Industry Tells Wall Street
2/4/2004 NEI’s Joe Colvin Honored With American Nuclear Society’s Award for Visionaries
2/2/2004 DOE’s FY05 Budget Request Includes Record-High $907 Million for Nuclear Waste Disposal
1/21/2004 Nuclear Industry Echoes President Bush’s Call for Swift Enactment of Energy Legislation
1/12/2004 NEI’s Ralph Andersen Receives the Highest Radiation Protection Award of 2003