12/15/2009 Public/Private Partnership for Small Reactors Will Promote Clean Energy Job Creation
12/10/2009 NEI Congratulates Ostendorff on Nomination to Serve on Nuclear Regulatory Commission
12/9/2009 Nuclear Energy Industry Adopts Initiative to Improve Integrity of Underground Piping
12/7/2009 NEI, Others Partner on Trade Mission to Help Implement Nuclear Energy Deal With India
11/24/2009 NEI Applauds Minnesota Congressional, Business, Labor Leaders Call to End Nuclear Energy Moratorium
11/23/2009 Nuclear Energy Industry Welcomes Bipartisan Introduction of Nuclear Power 2021 Measure
11/16/2009 NEI Welcomes Substantive Nuclear Provisions in Bipartisan Senate Energy Legislation
11/10/2009 New Nuclear Power Plants Will Spur US Economy, Help Achieve Climate Change Goals
10/27/2009 Accomplishments of US Nuclear Power Plants Highlight World Class Performance
10/26/2009 NEI Elects Engineering Company Executive George Nash Jr. to Board of Directors
10/26/2009 NEI Unveils Package of Policy Initiatives Needed to Achieve Climate Change Goals
10/22/2009 Support Overwhelming for Nuclear Energy to Combat Climate Change New Survey Finds
10/16/2009 NEI Salutes Dale Klein Upon News That He Plans to Exit Nuclear Regulatory Commission
10/13/2009 Industry Welcomes White Houses Intent to Nominate Apostolakis, Magwood to NRC
10/7/2009 Nuclear Energy Institute Elects Walters Vice President for Regulatory Affairs
10/1/2009 NEI Comments on Fiscal 2010 Appropriations Deal Reached by House Senate Conferees
9/30/2009 NEI Partners With NHL's Washington Capitals to Promote Nuclear Energy's Clean Air Value
9/30/2009 Nuclear Energy Institute Statement on Boxer/Kerry Climate Legislation
8/5/2009 NEI Congratulates Miller on Senate Panels Confirmation Vote for DOE Nuclear Post
7/31/2009 Nuclear Plant Neighbor Survey Shows Strong Support for Current and New Power Plants
7/30/2009 Senate OKs Energy and Water Appropriations Bill With Full Funding for Nuclear Power 2010 Program
7/27/2009 New NEI Video Highlights Award Winning Robotic Inspection Systems at Vermont Plant
7/24/2009 NEI Urges Support for Nuclear Related Concepts in Proposed Energy Innovation Act
7/21/2009 New NEI Video Highlights Award Winning Innovation in Nuclear Plant Water System
7/17/2009 NEI Comments on Recent Nuclear Amendment in Senate Appropriations Bill
7/16/2009 NEI Elects Exelon Generation's Christopher Crane to Executive Committee, Board of Directors
7/14/2009 Video Highlights Exelon's Award Winning Nuclear Industry Global Innovation
6/26/2009 NEI Welcomes Inclusion of Clean Energy Provisions in Climate Bill OK'd by House
6/25/2009 House Appropriations Panel Improves Funding Levels for Some Nuclear Energy Programs
6/16/2009 US Senate Panel Recognizes Nuclear Energy's Strategic Value to Energy Climate Change Policy
6/11/2009 NEI Welcomes Introduction of American Energy Act by House Republicans
6/8/2009 Meserve to Lead New NEI Strategic Policy Council
6/4/2009 NEI Praises Senate Panels Vote to Include New Nuclear Plants in Clean Energy Measure
5/26/2009 Nuclear Energy Institute Elects Pietrangelo Senior Vice President, Chief Nuclear Officer
5/22/2009 Nuclear Energy Institute Welcomes President Obama's Approval of US-UAE Cooperation Pact
5/21/2009 OPPD Earns 'Best of the Best' Award
5/20/2009 Industry Luminary Oliver Kingsley Honored With Smyth Nuclear Statesman Award
5/20/2009 Majority Whip Clyburn, Sens. Bennett, Murkowski, Nelson Stress Need for Nuclear
5/20/2009 Omaha Public Power District Earns 'Best of the Best' Award for Nuclear Industry Innovation
5/19/2009 Political, Economic Challenges Will Not Impede Nuclear Energy Expansion Industry Executives Say
5/19/2009 South Texas Executive Honored With Nuclear Energy Industry's Top Leadership Award
5/18/2009 NEI Elects Omaha Public Power's Gates as Chairman, Progress Energy's Johnson as Vice Chairman
5/13/2009 NEI Congratulates Jaczko on Selection as Nuclear Regulatory Commission Chairman
5/7/2009 Department of Energy's Budget Request Focuses Nuclear Support on Next Gen Plants
3/27/2009 Nuclear Industry's Safety Operating Performance Remained Top Notch in 08 WANO Indicators Show
3/25/2009 Support for Nuclear Energy Remains Near Historically High Level, New Survey Finds
3/18/2009 New Nuclear Plants Will Help Address Nations Top Priorities, Create Green Jobs
3/11/2009 Nuclear Energy Institute Comments on FY09 Omnibus Appropriations Legislation
2/19/2009 NEI Executive Angie Howard to Retire in May
2/13/2009 NEI Elects Rich Senior Vice President/CFO, Marion to Vice President Nuclear Operations
2/12/2009 Nuclear Plants Maintain Solid Performance in Turbulent Times Wall Street Analysts Told
2/12/2009 Expansion of Loan Guarantee Program Necessary for Clean Energy Technologies
2/11/2009 Marvin S. Fertel Elected President and CEO at the Nuclear Energy Institute
2/3/2009 US Nuclear Power Plants Achieved Near Record Level of Electricity Production in 2008
1/29/2009 Friends of the Earth Misrepresents Energy Funding Proposal in Congress
1/15/2009 Nuclear Energy Institute Members and USIBC Conclude US Trade Mission to India