12/10/2003 Nuclear Industry Comments on Nomination of Sam Bodman as US Secretary of Energy
12/8/2003 Dec. 8 Marks 50th Anniversary of Eisenhower’s ‘Atoms for Peace’ Initiative for Nuclear Technologies
12/6/2003 Mike Coyle Joins NEI as Loaned Executive, Will Serve as Vice President of Nuclear Operations
11/21/2003 Senate’s Refusal to Vote Directly on HR 6 Is a Missed Opportunity to Build Strong Energy Future
11/5/2003 NEI Pleased That Yucca Mountain Funding for FY04 Nearly Reaches Administration Request
10/31/2003 NEI Hails Introduction of Yucca Mountain Funding Reclassification Legislation
10/22/2003 ‘Atoms for Peace’ Plus 50 Years
10/2/2003 NEI Study Shows Impact of Millstone Station on New London Economy Tops $500 Million
9/30/2003 Nuclear Energy Institute Urges Congress to Fully Fund Yucca Mountain Program
9/29/2003 Nuclear Energy Institute Elects Tritch, McGettrick to Board of Directors
9/25/2003 Early Site Permit Filings Will Clarify Untested Approval Process for New Nuclear Plants
9/3/2003 Nuclear Power Plants Maintain Lowest Production Cost for Baseload Electricity
8/15/2003 Nuclear Power Plants Will Return to Service as Regional Electricity Grid Stabilizes
7/28/2003 NEI Urges Senate Passage of Energy Policy Act
7/18/2003 NEI Welcomes House Approval of FY 2004 Spending Bill With $765 Million for Yucca Mtn.
7/15/2003 NEI Applauds House Committee’s FY 2004 Appropriation for Yucca Mountain Program
7/10/2003 NEI Applauds Senate Vote to Retain Provisions Supporting Nuclear Power Plant Deployment
5/21/2003 Dr. E. Gail de Planque Honored With Henry DeWolf Smyth Nuclear Statesman Award
5/21/2003 Exelon Corp. Receives Robert K. Campbell Award for Excellence in Congressional Information Programs
5/21/2003 Employees at Tennessee Valley Authority Earn Top Industry Practice 'Best of Best'
5/20/2003 Secretary Abraham Receives William S. Lee Award for Leadership From Nuclear Energy Institute
5/20/2003 Next 50 Years Hold Promise of Increased, Clean Electricity Generation From Nuclear Energy
5/20/2003 NEI Re-Elects Entergy’s Don Hintz Chairman, Adds Three Members to Executive Committee
5/12/2003 NEI Launches Campaign Promoting Environmental, Energy Security Benefits of Nuclear Energy
5/9/2003 Nuclear Energy Industry Retains Excellent Safety Ratings, According to WANO Indicators
4/10/2003 Senate Energy Panel OKs Legislation Containing Incentives for Nuclear Power Plant Construction
4/8/2003 Chuck Dugger Joins NEI as Loaned Executive, Will Serve as Vice President of Nuclear Operations
4/1/2003 Nuclear Industry Cites Diaz’s ‘Wealth of Expertise’ As Advantage in New Role as NRC Chairman
3/18/2003 New Federal Report Cites Key Role of Nuclear Power Plants in Reducing Harmful Smog
3/12/2003 NEI Reorganization Focuses Expertise, Resources on Public Policy Priorities
2/25/2003 Scientifically Based, Tested Emergency Plans Protect Residents Near Indian Point Energy Center
2/25/2003 NEI Urges Reclassification of Nuclear Waste Fund to Assure Sufficient Monies for Yucca Mountain
2/12/2003 Nuclear Power Plants Vital Element in President Bush’s Greenhouse Gas Reduction Initiative
2/7/2003 Nuclear Power Plants Set Reliability, Output Records in 2002, Industry Tells Wall Street
2/7/2003 Nuclear Power Plants Set Reliability, Output Records in 2002, Industry Tells Wall Street
2/6/2003 NEI Supports President Bush’s Call for Use of Nuclear Energy to Power Hydrogen Fuel Cells
2/3/2003 NEI Announces Organizational Changes to Sharpen Focus With Flat Operating Budget
1/17/2003 Nuclear Industry Commends Senators for Including Price-Anderson Reauthorization in Omnibus Spending
1/16/2003 New York Emergency Planning Report Identifies Coordination Issues That Are Key to Nation’s Homeland