12/15/2006 Marshall Cohen to Join Nuclear Energy Institute as Senior Director of Legislative Programs
12/12/2006 Nuclear Energy Should Play Vital Role In Meeting Florida’s Future Electricity Demand
11/22/2006 Extending Indian Point Operation Vital to New York Economy, Greenhouse Gas Reduction
11/8/2006 Post-Election Reality: Bipartisan Support Is Linchpin of Energy Policy, NEI Says
9/27/2006 Nuclear Energy Industry Welcomes Domenici’s Legislation to Address Used Nuclear Fuel Disposal
9/25/2006 Nearly Seven of 10 Americans Favor Nuclear Energy, Support Building New Reactors at Existing Sites
9/14/2006 Nuclear Industry Urges Continued Movement Toward Opening Yucca Mountain Repository
9/13/2006 Nuclear Industry Leader Voices Support for H.R. 5360, Urges DOE to Move Used Fuel From Reactor Sites
9/13/2006 ‘Emerging Nuclear Revival’ Requires Action by Federal Government, NEI Leader Tells House Panel
8/29/2006 NEI Heralds Groundbreaking for Uranium Enrichment Facility in Southeast New Mexico
8/4/2006 Nuclear Energy Industry Welcomes Completion Of DOE Rule on New Plant ‘Standby Support’
8/3/2006 Nuclear Energy Industry Voices Support for S.2589, Urges DOE to Move Used Fuel From Reactor Sites
7/19/2006 DHS’s Infrastructure Protection Event Shines Spotlight on Nuclear Sector’s Leadership Role
7/18/2006 NEI Commends Southern States Energy Board Call for New Nuclear Plants
7/17/2006 Robert Powers Joins Nuclear Energy Institute as Senior Director of Legislative Programs
6/27/2006 Industry Encouraged by Senators’ Effort to Find Common Ground on Used Nuclear Fuel Management
6/23/2006 Industry Applauds LES’s Receipt of Federal License for N.M. Uranium Enrichment Facility
5/26/2006 Industry Congratulates Trio on Senate Approval to Posts on Nuclear Regulatory Commission
5/26/2006 Senate OKs Edward Sproat to Head DOE Office of Civilian Radioactive Waste Management
5/24/2006 President Bush’s Tour of Limerick Station Spotlights Nuclear Power’s Role in U.S. Energy Mix
5/19/2006 Sens. Domenici and Bingaman, Reps. Barton and Dingell Share Nuclear Industry Leadership Award
5/18/2006 House Appropriations Committee Fully Funds Yucca Mountain, Restores Successful University Program
5/18/2006 U.S. ‘Must Start Building Nuclear Power Plants,’ President Bush Tells Industry Executives
5/18/2006 Employees at Progress Energy’s Brunswick Plant Earn Top Industry Practice ‘Best of Best’ Award
5/17/2006 NEI Commends Consumer Group’s Energy Policy Recommendations
5/17/2006 Nuclear Energy Institute Re-Elects DTE’s Earley as Chairman, Elects Exelon’s Rowe as Vice Chairman
5/16/2006 Public Confidence in Nuclear Energy Rests in Part On Integrated Used Fuel Management Program
5/9/2006 Nuclear Energy Industry Unveils New Policy To Manage Inadvertent Radiological Releases
4/27/2006 NRC Chairman Nominee Klein Has Solid Nuclear Technology, Policy Credentials
4/10/2006 Nuclear Industry Commends Chairman Diaz for Steadfast Commitment to NRC’s Safety Mission
4/5/2006 Nuclear Industry Views Legislation as ‘Very Positive Step’ to Advance Yucca Mountain Project
4/3/2006 Nuclear Energy Industry Maintains Near-Record Levels of Safety and Operating Performance
3/28/2006 NEI Congratulates Spurgeon on His Confirmation As Assistant Secretary for Nuclear Energy
3/6/2006 Bowman Receives Honorary Knighthood
2/24/2006 Alex Flint Joins Nuclear Energy Institute as Senior Vice President, Governmental Affairs
2/22/2006 Nuclear Energy Industry Highlights Promising Developments, Potential for Growth at NY Briefing
2/9/2006 National Academies Report Endorses Safety Record of Used Nuclear Fuel Transport System
2/6/2006 DOE’s FY07 Research and Development Budget Request Reflects Importance of Nuclear Energy
2/2/2006 Nuclear Energy Industry Poised for Growth Based on Excellent Performance of Today’s Plants
1/31/2006 Industry Welcomes President's Call to Expand Supply of Reliable, Affordable Nuclear Energy