12/5/2012 US Nuclear Industry Delegation Visits India to Advance Commercial Progress
11/19/2012 DOE Strengthens US Energy Innovation With Small Reactor Licensing Partnership
11/14/2012 Entergy’s Joe Pollock Named NEI Vice President for Nuclear Operations
11/6/2012 NEI Congratulates President Obama, Vice President Biden on Re-Election
10/30/2012 Nuclear Energy Facilities Prove Resilience During Hurricane Sandy
10/25/2012 Industry Developing Regional Response Centers to Deliver Emergency Equipment
10/22/2012 Dominion's Kewaunee Closing Reflects Situation Unique to Company, NEI Says
10/1/2012 Report: US Firms at Serious Disadvantage to Compete in Global Nuclear Energy Market
9/19/2012 Americans Support for Nuclear Energy Solidifies New National Survey Shows
9/12/2012 Nuclear Industry Encourages Changes to Nuclear Waste Reform Proposals
8/22/2012 Nuclear Energy Industry and Navy Establish Formal Partnership for Vets
8/3/2012 INPO Updates Report on Lessons Learned From Fukushima Daiichi Accident
8/3/2012 NEI Disappointed by Court Ruling on Petition Tied to Yucca Mountain Project
8/1/2012 NEI Commends Sen. Bingaman for Leadership in Tackling Used Fuel Policy
7/20/2012 Stanford Fukushima Impact Study Bears Flawed Analysis, Is Premature
7/20/2012 NEI Elects Energy Future Holdings Young Chairman, Crane Is Vice Chair
7/11/2012 Nuclear Industry Advocates Flexibility on EPA Rule on Water Intake Systems
6/29/2012 Nuclear Energy Industry Congratulates Macfarlane, Svinicki on NRC Confirmation
6/28/2012 Third Ways Nuclear Energy Strategy Report Is Positive Policy Roadmap
6/26/2012 NRC Leadership Must Reinstate Environment That Promotes Collegial Engagement
6/8/2012 NEI Responds to Court Ruling to Vacate NRC Waste Confidence Decision
6/6/2012 NEI Commends Rep. Shimkus House for Increasing Yucca Review Funding
6/4/2012 NEI Congratulates Southern Co. for Prestigious Edison Award
6/1/2012 Court of Appeals Rebukes DOE on Nuclear Waste Fund Fee
6/1/2012 Nuclear Industry Encouraged by EPA Cooling Water Intake Proposal
5/24/2012 NEI Comments on Impending Nomination of Allison Macfarlane as NRC Chairman
5/23/2012 Candris Honored With Henry Dewolf Smyth Nuclear Statesman Award
5/23/2012 NEI Chairman Voices Confidence in Nuclear Energys Global and US Future
5/23/2012 Duke Energy Employees Win Top Nuclear Industry Award for Improving Safety With Digital Milestone
5/22/2012 New US Reactor Projects Benefit From Global Construction, Ample Labor Supply
5/22/2012 Lotus HVM Racing Announces Nuclear Energy Institute Education Sponsorship
5/22/2012 Richard Meserve Receives Nuclear Energy Industrys Leadership Award
5/22/2012 US Commitment to Nuclear Energy Is Strong Butterfield Tells Industry Leaders
5/21/2012 Nuclear Energy Institute Comments On Nrc Chairman Resignation
5/21/2012 NEI Re-Elects Progress Energy's Johnson, EFH's Young as Board Leaders
5/15/2012 NEI Welcomes Senate Passage Of Export Import Bank Reauthorization
5/9/2012 Nuclear Industry Lauds House Passage Of Legislation To Reauthorize Ex Im Bank
5/8/2012 NEI Congratulates Svinicki On Impending Nomination For Second Term To Nrc
4/24/2012 NEI Commends Senate Appropriations Panels Used Fuel Management Proposal
4/18/2012 NEI Commends House Subcommittee For Approach To Nuclear Energy In Budget Bill
4/16/2012 US Nuclear Facilities Meet Deadline for Ordering New Safety Equipment
4/11/2012 Nuclear Energy Industry Laments Death Of Labor Union President Mark Ayers
4/10/2012 US Nuclear Industry Posted Strong Safety Performance in 2011 WANO Results Show
3/30/2012 NEI Hails Federal Approval of License for Expansion of VC Summer Facility
3/23/2012 NEI Applauds Successful Nuclear Energy Security Summit in Korea
3/21/2012 Nuclear Industry Invests Record Funding for Education as Federal Support Withers
3/19/2012 Multimedia Ad Campaign Highlights Benefits of Clean Air Nuclear Energy
3/6/2012 Acquisition of More Safety Equipment Tops List of US Responses to Fukushima
2/27/2012 NEI Files Lawsuit to Reverse Interiors Withdrawal of Land From Uranium Mining
2/23/2012 Majority US Public Support for Nuclear Energy Has Stabilized New Survey Shows
2/21/2012 US Nuclear Industry Adopts Initiative to Acquire More Emergency Equipment
2/16/2012 DOE Loan Guarantee for Plant Vogtle Expansion on Sound Financial Footing
2/13/2012 Nuclear Industry Opposes Latest DOE Bid to Re-Impose Cleanup Tax in FY 2013 Budget
2/9/2012 US Nuclear Industry Achieves Strong Performance Despite Many Challenges
2/9/2012 NRC Approval of Plant Vogtle's Construction Operating License Opens New Nuclear Energy Era
1/26/2012 Nuclear Energy Stakeholders Welcome Blue Ribbon Commission Report to DOE
1/9/2012 Nuclear Industry Opposes Administrations Mining Ban in Southwestern United States